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Garland Oldham

Garland Oldham

New Orleans, LA


I was raised in the bayou country of Lafourch Parish in Louisiana. Worked in the oil fields of Louisiana and the Gulf Coast for years. I enroled in art school while working off shore and studied the course on my days off.

I then went to work in ship yards of South Louisiana where I became a marine construction fitter and did photography on the side. I went into the trucking industry for fifteen years. I sharpened my eye for detail in the ship yards. I was always thrilled at launch time. Watching the ship meet the water.

ART keeps me calm and I love the marshes and swamps that i paint. Please take the time to enjoy and i hope i can bring some of the beauty of Louisiana and the rest of the country through my brush to my canvas and then to your eyes. I hope you enjoy my work as much as I enjoy doing it.

My work has clients all over the USA. Some of my paintings have appeared on the cable net works.

Garland Oldham
A Louisiana Artist

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